What We Do

Intensive brand-building sessions for start-ups and small business entrepreneurs.

Build Your Brand. Rock Your Brand. And Fans Will Come.

Your “brand” refers to the combination of every nuance that contributes to your company’s overall public personality. Your “brand” reflects what differentiates your business from other businesses. It’s a word we use to simply describe what makes you special. And what makes you special determines your niche and what makes you irresistible to your fans.

What will your customers immediately think about when they hear your name? Branding is more than your written brand name – your brand sparks emotion and builds a reputation from what you display as uniquely you. The more you rock your brand, the more loyalty you’ll build among your peers and fans.

It’s challenging knowing where to begin! Start-ups and small business entrepreneurs can become overwhelmed checking off (or not checking off) never-ending to-do lists. Brand Groupies will create a customized and compelling “brand” and package it to rock-and-roll standards so you are ready to launch. We clarify your brand’s purpose for the benefit of presenting to investors, partners, employees, retail landlords, and anyone who will be representing your brand and excitedly spreading the word. If you launch without a solid, buzz-worthy brand, there’s potential to over-spend thousands of dollars in marketing trying to catch up and attract your target market. A killer brand will cut down on costs because people will talk about you authentically from day one. Priceless.

Brand Groupies obsesses over your start-up brand package through intensive sessions broken down into key categories based on our 360-degree branding approach. We want you up and running as quickly as possible so you can focus on what you do best: developing your product or service business!

Consider us your one-stop shop… We are your new groupies.

Who inspires you as a businesswoman?
In general, anyone who knows how to brand. Branding is an art. It’s the truest art of business.

– Drew Barrymore
Marie Claire magazine

It hit me one day: People have funding and structure, but they don’t have a brand. Creating a brand is really difficult.


– Gwenyth Paltrow
Glamour magazine