Mastermind Groups

Rock your brand and join our 2019 Mastermind groups headed up by Brand Groupies Founder and Chief Groupie, Carey Balogh. We are bringing together our amazing network of brand leaders and small-business entrepreneurs to amplify energy, creativity, and knowledge among same-level peers in a small group setting.

The “Start-Me-Up” Mastermind

Brand Groupies brings together go-getters in the early stages of building their brands. Whether you are looking to brand yourself, a product, or service, Brand Groupies is here to explore your ideas and help define your best course of action in a safe space among budding entrepreneurs.

The “I’m With the Brand” Mastermind

Brand Groupies brings together brand leaders currently rocking their brands. This group will collaborate with tried and true entrepreneurs in an inspiring setting to create long-term action plans, define and solve problems, and share best practices for brand growth opportunities.

You Will Receive:

Bi-monthly group meeting (2 hrs each)

One-on-One in-person strategy session with Carey (1 hr)

Expert guest speaker

All access to Brand Groupies network

Email to apply by December 15, 2018! Limited Seating. Begins January 2019 in Red Bank, NJ.

One-on-One Strategy Sessions

Brand Groupies offers strategy sessions that cover your brand identity, brand creative, brand social, and brand marketing. First, we plan a 15-min Quickie Call followed by a client questionnaire to determine if we are compatible. If so, let the branding begin!

We’ll focus on your top brand priorities and choose the best tools to build and rock your brand. Whether you’re a start-up or several years into business, we serve as your personal branding strategists, helping you analyze, organize and execute your initiatives for the most impactful results.

You’ll be given VIP access to our trusted network of partners and brand groupies.

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